Take Your Christmas Decorations to the Next Level

Holiday season in Vancouver, Washington is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone adorns their homes with lights, garland and Christmas spirit. You’ve decorated the inside of your home with festive displays, but what about the outside of your home? If you are looking for a fun way for you and your family to take your Christmas decorating to the next level, a front yard display is a great way to let that Christmas cheer overflow. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of options to create your own unique front yard display, Northwest Self Storage has a few tips to help you get started.

Family Fun

Involving the whole family is a great place to start. Get everybody together and ask for suggestions. Maybe each family member can have a portion of the yard for their own decorations, or the whole family can collaborate to create a themed display. If you decide to let each family member create their own little yard display, give them a shopping budget and some established guidelines. If your family wants to work together on a themed display, get the kids to help you draw out a picture of what they want the front yard to look like. There may be some great ideas in those pictures. If your family is especially crafty, you may even consider creating your own homemade displays.

Let the Cheer Inside Overflow

If neither of those options strike your fancy, why not start with what’s inside your home? Are you a color-coordinated Christmas decorator, or do you like a little bit of everything hodgepodged together? Whatever your unique style, it would be a great place to start when crafting a front yard display. If you like eccentric, fun Christmas decorations, then consider investing in some lighted inflatables and glittery, colorful lights. If you prefer an elegant Christmas, try some simple, well-placed white lights and a few tastefully-lit reindeer.

Post-Holiday Cheer

You may be concerned about what to do with all of your extra outdoor decorations once the holidays have passed. If a lack of safe and convenient storage has stopped you from creating a beautiful Christmas display in the past, let this be the year to do something. Self storage facilities are a secure and simple way to pack away those displays year to year. This holiday season, don’t be afraid to go overboard with your decorations. Investing in self storage gives you the peace of mind to live your Christmas decorating dreams out in real life. Contact your local Northwest Storage facility today to find the unit for you.

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