8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes From Your Storage Unit

What do you mean you don’t have a Halloween costume yet? What are you waiting for? Forget going to the pop-up Halloween store; they’ll be sold out of all the best costumes. Why not hit up your storage unit instead? You’ll definitely find something there you can use … 1. A classic ghost Let’s start … Read more

Expert Tips for Creating the Ultimate Lemonade Stand

Scappoose, OR typically has mild summers, but even the North can be hit by a brutal heatwave. On the hottest days, ice-cold lemonade is a godsend, and selling the classic summer beverage can be quite a profitable venture. To have some fun and give the kids an early business experience, open an awesome lemonade stand … Read more

DIY Wine: Make Perfect Dry White Wine at Home

If you’re a wine enthusiast, living in Hillsboro, OR offers plenty of adventure. With great local wineries like Helvetia, Oak Knoll and Gypsy Dancer Estates, finding a great wine for dinner is no problem. To truly explore your favorite beverage, try making your own wine at home. With the right equipment, a little free time … Read more

How to Build a Library in Your Home

book storage

Whether you’re driving to nearby Portland to attend Wordstock – Portland’s premier literary festival – or down the road to the Hillsboro public library, the month of November is all about celebrating the literary world. Known as Novel Writing Month and with Book Lover’s Day right around the corner, we’d like to take the time … Read more

Create Your Own Science Lab

create your own lab

What is Frankenstein Day? It’s the day to honor Frankenstein author Mary Wollenstone Shelley, who was born August 30, 1797. But it’s also a great day to create your own science lab right in your home! With well-known inspiration such as Sharp Labs, it’s easy to see why many here in Camas, Washington would love … Read more

DIY Secret Household Storage Space

Storage boxes on shelves on wall

Running out of traditional storage spaces in your home? If your cupboards, attic, basement, cabinets and other storage areas are bursting at their seams, you have two main options: Get rid of some things, or start getting creative about where you store items. Many hidden, unused parts of the home can double as places to … Read more

All You Need to Know about Craft Beer

craft beer

July is Craft Beer Month in Portland. For 31 days in July, the town that some locals call Beervana will be host to hundreds of scheduled beer-themed events. From tastings to tappings, Portland in July will be all about the brew. Certainly a lot of folks who attend the grand finale Oregon Brewers Festival will … Read more

Unique Self Storage Ideas: Create Your Own Wine Cellar

Do you love wine? Have you ever dreamed of having your very own wine cellar, but don’t have space? You don’t have to live in a big, fancy mansion to have access to a personal wine cellar. With climate controlled self storage units, you can maintain your own wine cellar to safely store and collect … Read more