Summer Storage for College Students

Instead of lugging all of your stuff home during summer break, consider leaving your possessions in a storage unit.

Summer break is now in full swing, and unless you’re taking summer courses, it’s time to pack up your belongings and head home! Maybe you’ve got an internship lined up or a summer job in the works. Maybe your planning a summer of backpacking adventures or a relaxing break at home. Whatever your plans, don’t pack everything but the kitchen sink. You’ll be back in just a few months, so why travel with all of your possessions? Check out our list of items worth leaving in a storage unit near campus during your summer break.

Ideas for things to keep in a storage unit

Not sure what’s best to store during summer break? Look no further; we’ve put together a list for you to consider.

  • Furniture. Even if it was a thrifty find, you paid hard-earned money for that couch or chair, so don’t resell it or rent a truck to haul it. Comfortable, sturdy furniture is worth keeping for college dorms and apartments, so if you’ve found something good, hold onto it. A storage unit is likely just around the corner.

  • Small appliances. Appliances like your mini fridge, microwave, and coffee pot make a dorm feel more like home, and they can be expensive to replace. They’re also a pain to transport, so instead of selling them for cheap to other students, put them in a storage unit for the summer.

  • Textbooks. Your school books are heavy and expensive. If you forgot to sell them back to the school at the end of the semester or are waiting to sell them online, put them in storage. It’ll keep them in nice condition for resale, and you won’t need to travel with a backbreaking number of books you won’t use.

  • Winter clothes. You lugged your wardrobe to college once; don’t do it again. It’s summer, and unless you’re planning a visit to the Alps, you probably won’t need your ski boots or warm mittens. Winter clothes are bulky, and storing them will save valuable space in your suitcase(s).

  • Dishes and cookware. If you’ve got an apartment near campus, you probably have a selection of cookware. While getting a break from dining hall food may be a relief, cooking requires quite a few tools. Give yourself a break and don’t travel home with all of your breakable dishware and clunky pots and pans.

  • Party supplies. Themed parties make for a classic college experience, and you’ve probably built up a nice collection of decorations and costumes over the semesters. Don’t throw it all away. A good costume collection is worth saving; you or your friends will probably use them next year.

College student storage tips

If you’ve decided to store your stuff this summer, we’re here to help. Here are a few tips to make summer storage a breeze.

  • Share with a friend or roommate to lower cost. If getting a storage unit all to yourself seems like too much, consider renting one with a friend or roommate. Splitting the cost makes it more economical for everyone, and gives you the flexibility to travel light.

  • Choose a unit that’s the right size for your belongings. Not sure what size unit to get? Check out our size guide. Whether it’s a small, 5×5 unit or a something larger that’ll hold more furniture, we’ll help you find the right option.

  • Securely pack your possessions. While summer in the PNW is usually lovely, you never know when it’s going to rain. Pack up your stuff so it’s protected from the elements just in case the weather isn’t favorable as you load and unload. Once it’s in storage, don’t worry—our climate-controlled units keep your belongings safe. Also consider how you’re packing and stacking boxes, keeping heavier loads at the bottom. Valuables and breakables are best kept in secure pockets beneath or on sturdy furniture just in case something topples while your gone (so don’t stack to high!).

Whatever your summer vacation plans, give yourself a break by putting your heavy and bulky belongings in a self-storage unit. When your stuff is safely packed away, you can relax and enjoy the time away from college and classes—and you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to get back to school. Find a secure spot in Oregon or a safe place in Washington to keep your stuff during the summer months.

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