Storing Your Summer Toys

As autumn continues to progress and summer is left far behind, you will want to begin thinking about moving your summer toys into winter storage. With a few tried-and-true self storage tips and some attention to detail, you can ensure that your cherished items come through the cold months without any problems. When spring arrives once again, you’ll be ready to enjoy the warm weather with friends and family. If you are considering self storage in Washington or self storage in Oregon, you should begin preparing your toys as soon as possible.


When the weather turns frosty, the family boat will likely not be needed for several months. Before placing it in storage, you should scrub the carpets and rub the wood with a mild detergent. Ensure that you also change the oil in the engine and replace the accompanying filters. Before moving the boat into a self storage facility, remove all cushions, valuables, electronics and food products. To protect your fuel system, you might also add fuel stabilizing additives. Most self storage units will be able to accommodate a boat quite easily.


To prepare your motorbike for winter storage, you should begin by disconnecting the battery and turning off the alarm. After you have done this, you should change the oil and cover the exhaust with a bag. You can also protect the metallic parts by spraying them with a chemical solution that is designed to prevent corrosion. Finally, you should wash and wax the entire body to remove impurities.


Some self storage facilities can also be used to store your family RVs. A thorough washing will allow dirt and mildew to be quickly eliminated. Drain both the fresh water tank and the water heater. Also make sure to disconnect the water and power supplies and turn off all pilots. Cover your RV with a breathable tarp to prevent moisture from building up and consider blocking your tires so that flat spots do not develop in the rubber. Lastly, be sure to add the antifreeze recommended by your manufacturer.

Jet Skis

Jet skis should likewise be given careful attention. You should drain the engine of gasoline and clean away dirt and debris that may have accumulated on various areas of the exterior. In nearly all instances, you should also disconnect the battery. Finally, use a heavy cover to keep your jet ski dust free until spring. Choosing a Reputable Storage Company If you are looking for quality self storage in Washington or Oregon, you should strongly consider Northwest Self Storage. By contracting with the premiere storage company in the Pacific Northwest, you can ensure that your summer toys remain perfectly safe.

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