Store Your Seasonal Stuff: Winter Edition

Follow these tips and make room for your summer wardrobe by properly storing your winter clothes and gear.

Each season has clothing and gear to go along with it. Why spend all summer tripping over your winter boots in the hall or wheeling your bike around the snowboard propped in the garage? Summer’s here, and it’s time to enjoy it. Make the most of the sun by packing up your winter stuff and getting yourself a self-storage unit. With these tips, you’ll be able to quickly pack up your gear and get back to enjoying your summer.

Winter clothing

Your storage unit is like a rotating, seasonal closet. Whatever you don’t need quick access to can be stored in your unit. Pro tip: Clean your stuff before storing it. That way you won’t find any surprising stains later, and all your stuff will be ready to wear right when you need it.

  • Snow boots. You’re hard on your boots during the winter months, so make sure they look good as new by brushing off excess dirt and giving them a good wipe down. Also, give them a spritz of deodorant or baking soda to block out smells that can grow over time.
  • Winter coats. Dry-clean or wash your coats and jackets before placing them in storage. Also, be sure to check the pockets; you don’t want to find a melted chocolate bar in there four months from now. Some fabrics—like furs or natural fibers—may be sensitive to temperature changes, so consider getting a temperature-controlled unit if you have an expensive winter wardrobe.
  • Warm sweaters. Don’t hang your sweaters up—ever! If you want your warm sweaters to look great after being in storage, make sure to lay them out and cover them in plastic. If you’re worried about mites or moths, place mothballs in the container where you’re storing the sweaters. Just be sure they aren’t touching your clothes.
  • Winter accessories. Scarves, hats, mittens, and gloves are all vital during the cold months, but in summer they just get in the way. Be sure to keep your winter accessories together so none of them get misplaced.

Outdoor gear

Storing winter gear can free up a ton of space at your home or in your garage. Use shelving in your storage unit to organize the smaller items, and use pallets or boards to elevate larger items off the ground.

  • Skis and snowboards. While you can ski on Mt. Hood year-round, you may want to take advantage of the sunny weather and pursue some warm weather sports instead (like wind surfing or skateboarding). Make room for your summer toys by storing your skis and snowboards, and consider getting a temperature-controlled unit to help protect the laminate on them.
  • Snowmobiles. We can’t think of a bulkier winter item than a snowmobile. Do your garage a favor and put your big toys in storage. Be sure to give it a tune-up before storing it, and keep it covered in plastic to protect the engine from dust.
  • Sleds. Kids love their sleds, but they’re bulky, take up a ton of space, and aren’t useful in the summer (the sleds, not the kids). With some simple shelving or wall hooks, you can easily store your sleds without wasting much space in your storage unit.
  • Snow gear. Storing snow gear like shovels and salt for the ice is another great idea. These items are important for safety, though, so keep them at the front of your unit for easy access—and don’t wait until it starts snowing to take them out of storage. It’s important to keep your gear together, so you don’t need to go looking for things later.

Storing your stuff isn’t anyone’s idea of a great afternoon, but it’s a simple way to declutter and set yourself up for a summer of fun! With all that extra space, you can get some gear for summer sports (we’re thinking maybe a surfboard or a trick kite). Either way, make sure you have a secure spot in Oregon or a safe place in Washington to hold your belongings when you’re not using them.

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Tuesday June 26, 2018