Store Your Hiking Gear in Self Storage

silhouette of person using hiking sticks while hiking with a mountain view in the background

Do you typically head east to Multnomah Falls or stay closer to home on Butler Creek Trail? A hike along Sandy River recharges everybody’s batteries. With Columbia Gorge and Mount Hood just down the road, your outdoor options are always wide open. Convenient self storage is available here in Gresham, OR, allowing you to always be ready to hit the trails and pitch your tent.

Stash Before You Hike

You don’t have to be a gear head to appreciate the advantages of stashing stuff in climate-controlled storage units. When you want to hike Powell Butte for the best views of Mt. Hood, these tips make sure you’re ready to go:

  • Keep things easy to find in clear plastic storage bins with lids and bright labels.
  • Organize boxes by trip type so you can quickly retrieve the right gear.
  • Use clothes racks as hanging storage for extra backpacks and laced boots.
  • Don’t risk damaging gear with an indoor avalanche from boxes stacked too high.
  • Put the things you retrieve most often just inside the unit door.

Camp Without Clutter

A campout at Oxbow Park shouldn’t start with digging through a cluttered garage. Give your equipment room to breathe between adventures in self storage. Get a jump on your camping trip with these organizing tricks:

  • Make sure tents and sleeping bags stay fresh by storing them clean, dry, and off the floor.
  • Stash small things like extra batteries and matches inside spare tackle boxes.
  • Use tool boxes to organize larger items like flashlights and cooking gadgets.
  • Keep trekking poles handy and out of the way in tall plastic trash cans.

Make It Memorable

With so many options for hiking and camping across Multnomah County, a storage unit becomes a home away from home. Why not personalize that space with pictures, printouts, and a little tape? Put up maps of your favorite trails so that you can fine-tune plans while you pack your gear. Post a spreadsheet that tracks where you’ve been and where you still want to go. Make every trip to the unit more fun by decorating the walls with memories of your favorite routes, overnights, and weekend campouts.

Stay Ready to Go

A day spent hiking through our beautiful Pacific Northwest is always a day to remember. Keep your outdoor adventures just around the corner with the best storage units in Gresham, OR. Whenever you’re ready to blaze a trail, you know your gear is ready to go here at Northwest Self Storage.

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Monday July 10, 2017
Monday July 10, 2017