Storage Tips for Dorm Room Living

college student with box

One of the first things you’re likely to say upon stepping into your first dorm room is, “How is all my stuff supposed to fit in here?” The problem is exacerbated by having to share that limited space with a roommate. By keeping a few creative storage and space-saving tips in mind, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by how uncrowded and uncluttered dorm living can actually be. 

1. Store Large, Bulky Items Elsewhere. There’s no sense in allowing large, bulky items to monopolize the precious little space you have. Store such items in a storage unit instead. If you’ll be attending Centralia College, you can easily find affordable Northwest Self Storage in Centralia, Washington. In fact, make a point of checking out storage units in Centralia, Washington before moving in. By storing these items, you’ll free up a ton of space and can retrieve your belongings when you’re ready to move into roomier digs. 

2. Invest in Closet Organizers. Closets never seem big enough. Maximum this space with closet organizers. Hanging shelves, double-hang clothing rods, locker shelves and drawers can effectively double or triple the storage space you have at your disposal.

3. Use the Space Above and Below Your Bed. If your bed is really low to the ground, use bed lifts to create more room. Next, take measurements, invest in storage tubs and bins, and store various things under the bed. Install a shelf or two above your bed to take advantage of the vertical space too, and consider adding a few hooks to the shelves for even more storage options. If possible, also consider investing in corner shelves, extra hooks and storage furniture – like ottomans that open up into storage bins – to keep various odds and ends. Meanwhile, take larger pieces of furniture and other big, bulky items and keep them in storage units in Centralia, Washington.

Finding self storage in Centralia, Washington is easy enough, and it’s nice to know that your things are nearby and ready for you whenever you need them! Contact Northwest Self Storage to find an affordable storage facility near you and start maximizing your space!

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