Resolve to Start Your Year With a Clean Workspace in Salem

An uncluttered desk with a white marbled wall in the background.

Whether you enjoy a quiet office on the Willamette University campus or a busy suite overlooking downtown Liberty Street, get ready to transform your workplace. Take advantage of National Clean Off Your Desk Day on January 9th. Combine these seven, smart organization hacks with convenient self-storage to turn your workspace into something new and very improved.

1. Start with a Simple Plan

Are you buried under backed-up filing? Has your desktop turned into gadget-central? Have you checked out business storage options? Make a list of what needs to go, line up nearby storage units, and make a plan for a little workplace magic.

2. Organize by Scoring Baskets

It’s great to support other Willamette Valley businesses by subscribing to their publications, but magazines and newsletters quickly turn into piles of clutter. Keep everything organized in baskets on bookshelves or breakroom countertops.

3. Streamline Supply Strategies

Home offices, corporate cubicles and co-op suites share the same supply problem: it’s too easy for stuff to get scattered. Streamline supplies, from paper clips to printing paper, into a central holding area. This strategy makes it easier to find what you need and track supply inventory.

4. Find Workplace Zen With Zones

Take a cue from our Commercial Street Historic District. Set up zones for shared research, areas for quiet computer concentration and spaces for digital conferencing. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Simply rearrange tables, chairs and workstations to do the trick.

5. Learn to Let It Go

You don’t really need two dozen pens, four staplers and an assortment of gadgets. Pare it down to the essentials to make room for a favorite framed photo or that Cherry City coffee mug. Less is always more on a desk.

6. Give Yourself One Cluttered Drawer

No one is perfect, so designate one small desk drawer as a personal clutter cache. Use it for guilt-free tossing, on-the-go stuffing and occasional rummaging. Just be sure it never spills over into your beautifully organized workspace.

7. Stretch That Desk With Self Storage

Picture a climate-controlled storage unit as an extension of desk drawers. Think of it as an expanded desktop. Box up files, papers and books that you rarely use, and set up a secure off-site system for organizing records and stashing extra equipment.

Stay On Top and Under Control

We bet National Clean Off Your Desk Day will turn into a resolution everyone enjoys keeping. With affordable storage units just down the road, you can stay on top of clutter and keep your workspace under control for more productivity. Our Northwest Self Storage teams are always happy to help upgrade your life with the best storage solutions in Salem, OR for work and play.

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Monday January 2, 2017