Spring Cleaning for the Socially Distanced

Spring has sprung, but the world feels a little different this year. That means for many of us, spring cleaning has also sprung a little early. After all, you can only do so many thousand-piece puzzles and have so many virtual happy hours before you start going stir-crazy. One of the best things you can do in these uncertain/unprecedented/[choose your adjective] times is to channel that pent-up energy into ​organizing, cleaning, and compartmentalizing​ (emphasis on the “mental”).

Choose the Right Soundtrack

Even though you’ve distanced yourself from the rest of the world, you don’t have to go it alone.

You have a choice: Snore your way through your chores or dance through the dust ​like this guy​.

Just like your adult coloring books and board games, your old playlists are going to get real old real fast during self-isolation, which could take the steam out of cleaning. Dust off some albums you haven’t thought about in a while and commit to listening to them all the way through. Or put together a spring cleaning-themed tracklist. We found ​this Spotify playlist​ from POPSUGAR, but you can do better than that. Might we suggest starting with “So Fresh, So Clean” by OutKast or Eminem’s “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”?

Make a Plan and Stick to It

Which room(s) have you been neglecting the longest? Start with those first. Do you have a drawer full of spare keys, batteries, gift cards, LEGO pieces, buttons, etc. that won’t close anymore? Organize it. Since you depend more on your laptop, phone, and other devices to stay connected to other people these days, you might consider ​digitally spring cleaning them​.

Hot tip: Don’t tackle everything in one day. That’s a surefire recipe for burnout. Pick one task to do every day and do it thoroughly. It’ll keep your mind and hands occupied and stretch your to-dos over a longer period of time.

Get Creative With Cleaning Supplies

Because you can’t (read: shouldn’t) be making several weekly trips to the store these days—not to mention the fact that doomsday preppers have cleaned out cleaning aisles everywhere—you may need to get by with some tried-and-true DIY cleaning products. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially since natural alternatives like ​white vinegar and baking soda​ are better for the environment and work just as well as harsh chemicals.

Disinfecting is another story. When it comes to disinfectant “recipes,” tread lightly. That bottle of Grey Goose in your freezer isn’t going to cut it. But don’t head to the liquor store and buy all the Everclear you can get your hands on, either (because social distancing). When Lysol and Clorox are in short supply, ​rubbing alcohol is your best friend​.

Take Care of Yourself. We’ll Take Care of Your Stuff.

As you lay waste to the dust, grime, and clutter, you’re going to come across certain things you can’t live without but that can’t necessarily live with you anymore. That’s where we come in. But

we still need to respect social distancing directives, even when renting storage units. Our number one goal is to keep you and our employees safe. That’s why we’re introducing ​online rentals for all Northwest Self Storage locations​.

The next time you rent a new unit, simply complete the lease form online. Someone from NWSS will then call you to confirm the rental and complete the process. Boom. Socially distanced self storage. Stay safe. Stay frosty. We’ll get through this together.

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