Self-Storage Tips for Effective Labeling

March 21, 2014


Whether you’re planning a move or trying to clear your home of seldom-used goods, careful packing and labeling helps get your household in order more efficiently and quickly. Consider using a storage unit to keep goods that you don’t use often out of your way while you tackle important items. Even if you have effective packing techniques, these labeling and self storage tips should make moving go smoothly. Some people like to pack one room at a time. Items that must be kept aside for last-minute use in your old residence and be available for immediate use in the new place can be stowed in a dedicated area to make sure they don’t mistakenly get put into boxes while packing. Evaluate as you pack. If you haven’t used something in over a year, can you discard it? If you are not sure, put it in a self-storage unit for a few months. If some items are used seasonally (such as Christmas decorations), storage units keep them safe and out of the way. Once you begin to pack, labelling identifies what is in the cartons. For general household goods like clothing or office materials, a descriptive tag may be enough. For other materials, specific labelling is helpful. Successful labeling and self storage tips include: •           Use arrows to show which end is up. •           Label all sides so you can easily identify what is inside even if it is in a stack of cartons. •           Use a different color of label or marker for each room so that you can immediately identify where the box should go. •           Use waterproof ink so the labelling doesn’t smudge. •           Make computer-generated labels that identify the room and the contents of the box. Some moving companies provide these. If you opt to store goods temporarily, consider a climate-controlled unit to ensure that changes in weather and humidity don’t affect your possessions. Northwest Self Storage offer units in a variety of sizes, so you can select one that best suits your needs. Follow these tips for proper labelling, find a Northwest Self Storage unit near you, and make your next move your easiest move!