Self Storage for Portland, OR, Music Lovers

You always know who’s headlining at the Aladdin. The crew at Beacon Sound greets you by name. You collect vintage vinyl and sometimes even play local gigs. You’re a music lover living the good life, but you can always use a little more space here in Portland, OR. Storage units are an affordable ticket to preserving your records and growing your sound.

Vinyl Needs a Safe Home

Music Millennium started selling vinyl here in P-Town more than 40 years ago. The last record you picked up at the Burnside store might have the same staying power. Your vinyl collection could be worth a small fortune in the future, but you love the way it sounds right now.

It’s destined to become a part of your history, and you want to take good care of it. Do you have any Elliott Smith recordings? Are they in a closet where you can’t control temperature and humidity? Just a little dust can ruin grooves, so your vinyl needs a safe home in climate-controlled self storage.

Store Your Collection with Care

Think of storage units as small museums and yourself as a curator. Your 45s and LPs deserve careful prep that helps preserve their sound and artwork. Here are a few ways to keep your records in mint condition:

  • Protect records and albums with acid-free paper sleeves.
  • Prevent cupping by storing vinyl in boxes with perfectly square corners.
  • Completely fill boxes with records packed vertically to reduce the chance of breakage.
  • Discourage paper-loving bugs from snacking on album covers by taping box lids shut.
  • Keep your collection on sturdy shelves that can handle the weight.

Park Equipment Like a Pro

You might play with a garage band, but your gear shouldn’t have to compete with the car for storage space. Make sure musical equipment stays ready for the spotlight by staging quality downtime in self storage. Here are a few tips for instrument storage: 

  • Always clean musical instruments after a gig and before storing.
  • Detune guitar strings by a few notes to relax neck tension.
  • Use pallets and shelves to elevate gear off the floor and away from vents.
  • Keep an equipment inventory, and consider insuring your instruments.

Give Yourself Room to Grow

Take good care of that vinyl collection, as you might be the one to open up another branch of Everyday Music. Or keep your gear ready to rock, as you could be playing the next Pickathon. Your options are wide open when you stash stuff with us at Northwest Self Storage. Our Portland, OR storage solutions give you and your music plenty of space to grow.

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