Self Storage for College Students: What is Most Important?

As a College student, you will face moving as a regular part of your life. First comes the big move out of your parents? house, then moving into and out of dorms and apartments. No matter what your living situation is, you will face the question of what to do with your possessions at the end of each semester. Maybe you could take them back to your parents? home, but that involves the expense and inconvenience of moving; besides, they probably turned your old room into an office the day after you left.

Your simplest and most cost effective option will likely be local self storage. Of course, there are certain considerations when choosing self storage; naturally, you will want your belongings kept in a safe environment and for them to be easily accessible when you need them.

Self Storage Factors That College Students Should Consider Size: As a student you probably do not have a large budget to work with; smaller storage spaces (like 5×5 units) are typically more budget friendly. These units are roughly the size of a walk-in closet; you could opt for a 5×10 if you have a lot of stuff or larger items. You should keep in mind that regardless of the unit?s size, it will be necessary to pack it efficiently in order to make the best use of the space. You should also leave a little extra room to allow for easier unpacking.

Security: As you will be needing your stored items again, it is important to choose a self storage facility that has adequate security measures in place. Features like video surveillance are a bonus, but gated access is one of those security measures that every storage provider should offer. Of course, it is important that you have a good padlock with which to secure your space.

Location: Choosing a location close to your school makes moving things easier. The trips will be short and you will spend less on gas. The length of the journey will become even more important if you are driving a rental truck. However, you should also note that storage facilities in the middle of cities often charge more for rent than those located out in the rural or suburban areas. You should compare the savings on gas to the differences in rent and see which one saves you the most money.

Access: You should note the hours when you will have access to your unit. You should also note that while seven-day access is a good thing, it is not always necessary to pay extra for 24-hour access. If you are going to be away for the summer, access to your belongings every hour of the day will likely not be necessary. It is also good to have drive-up access if you have a lot of heavy items to load into your unit.

Once you have decided that you need somewhere to put your stuff, your next step will be to select the right facility. Storage is a booming business and you will likely be able to find several providers in your area. Find local storage by carefully researching facilities in your community and talking to the people who use them.

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