RV Storage in Corvallis, OR

Family with RV

With the end of summer, you may be ready to put your RV in storage for a few months. Northwest Self Storage offers self storage in Corvallis, Oregon for all RVs that need a winter home. By using a storage facility, you can keep your RV safe from the elements and free up space in your own driveway or yard. Our parking units provide plenty of space for your RV at a reasonable price and allow you access to your vehicle 7 days a week.

Below are some helpful tips for preparing your RV for storage:

  • If you have any recurring monthly charges related to your RV, such as satellite TV, don’t forget to suspend that account for the duration of the storage.
  • Remove the batteries. If you leave them in and unused for a long period of time, they may get damaged. A battery should be kept indoors somewhere, like a garage, and connected to a maintenance charger.
  • Top off the gas tank before you put the RV away. Why fill up on gas when you’re not going anywhere for a while? Limiting the amount of air in the tank reduces moisture, which can cause damage. Also, make use of fuel additives that keep the gas from losing its potency over time.
  • Fully inflate and cover the tires. You might want to remove them; if not, you should check every now and then to make sure they haven’t gone flat.
  • Use a lubricant on all hinges and locks.
  • Carefully inspect the RV for any openings that might allow pests inside. Seal them before putting them into storage.

If you’re looking for RV self storage in Corvallis, Oregon, please contact us today at (541) 752-4303 or visit our website and let us know how we can help you.    

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Friday August 29, 2014