Prepare for your storage unit before the weather gets you!

Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being cold, wet, and generally miserable. Unless your belongings are sheltered appropriately, this nasty weather can destroy your treasured property. Storage also ensures that seasonal items will not clutter your home. Here are some tips to prepare for winter self storage:

Invest in Appropriate Containers: Cardboard boxes are cheap and easy to find, but cardboard deteriorates quickly. Durable plastic containers are more likely to repel moisture and pests, and these containers will last longer than cardboard boxes. Additionally, these containers stack easily, so you can optimize your storage space.

Clean Everything: If you plan to store something for the whole season, make sure that it is clean first. When you are ready to retrieve your items, you probably don’t want to open a box of dusty, dirty things. Filth can only accumulate over time. A proper cleaning before storing can ensure that your items are clean and ready to use when you recover them.

Avoid the Garage: The garage might seem like a convenient storage option, but most garages are not equipped to protect sensitive materials from the elements. Many garages are poorly insulated, so temperatures can fluctuate. Additionally, moisture control can be an issue in garages, and sensitive property can be damaged by high humidity, mold, and mildew.

Self Storage in the Pacific Northwest: For a simple solution to your winter self storage needs, consider finding space in a reliable storage facility. For self storage in Washington and Oregon, Northwest Self Storage offers a wide variety of storage options to meet your individual needs. We are currently running promotions at many of our locations, so check out our specials to save even more on storage!

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