9 Classic Pacific Northwest Summer Recipes

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We all know summer is the best season in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). While you’re travelling around to these family vacation spots, be sure to take a little time and enjoy the local food. When it comes to summer fare, Oregon and Washington have some great seasonal and regional dishes you need to try. Ready to embrace the sunny season? Dive into these delicious summer recipes.

1. Spicy marionberry jam

If you’re enjoying summer in the PNW, you know about marionberries. The marionberry is a variety of blackberry popular in Oregon. This tart and sweet berry is perfect for making a spicy blackberry jam made with jalapeños. After you try this recipe, you’ll forget about regular sweet jams. Pair it with some crackers and brie, and you’re in for a treat. Who knew an appetizer could be this easy?

2. Watermelon, heirloom tomato, and feta salad

This salad is perfect for PNW summers, with its balance of sweet and savory and its vivid colors. Tomatoes love Oregon and Washington weather, so finding great heirloom tomatoes is easy. Just mix together the ingredients from this recipe, and you’ll be enjoying a light, healthy, classic PNW summer salad.

3. Grilled cedar-planked salmon

The great PNW is known for its seafood, especially when it comes to salmon. But Pacific Northwesterners are very particular when it comes to the quality of their salmon. Pick up a piece of wild-caught fish and get grilling with this cedar-planked salmon recipe.

4. Lemon parsley baked cod

If salmon isn’t your fish of choice, give PNW cod a try. A mild fish that’s dense and flaky, it’s always a good choice for hot summer days. Baked with lemon and parsley, this recipe is an easy option for enjoying local seafood with a simple, yet classic blend of flavors. Consider serving it with asparagus or kale for a light and healthy meal.

5. Grilled oysters with roasted red pepper butter

We’re not done with the seafood yet! The PNW has wonderful local oysters, especially when prepared with roasted red pepper butter. Take a day trip to the Oregon or Washington coast, where you’ll find plenty of small shops with fresh caught oysters along the way. If you’re looking to impress dinner guests with a unique and delicious seafood dinner, start with this recipe.

6. Sundried tomato risotto

Sometimes you need a break from seafood, and that’s where a delicious recipe like sundried tomato risotto comes in. As we said, tomatoes love Oregon and Washington, so this recipe is a must if you need a vegetarian option for dinner. This creamy dish is perfect for a main course or as a tasty side.

7. Spicy summer mushrooms

Mushrooms also flourish in the PNW, so incorporating them into your summer cooking is essential if you’re looking to create authentic, local meals. This recipe for spicy mushrooms is the perfect side dish for hot summer nights. Tangy and tasty with just the right amount of heat, this recipe will make you love the PNW even more.

8. Rainier cherry crumble

Rainier cherries are in season during the summer, and their vivid color and sweet/tart taste are perfect for summer desserts. These local berries are especially good in this cherry crumble recipe. Pair this delicious and easy dessert with a scoop of Tillamook ice cream, and you’ll be enjoying summer in classic PNW fashion.

9. Peach cobbler

Peaches flourish during summer in the PNW. This cobbler recipe highlights their delicate sweetness, and is easy to prepare with ingredients you probably have on hand. This dessert is also perfect for big get-togethers. If you’re attending a summer barbecue, be sure to whip up a pan of this cobbler. We promise it’ll be a hit!

Summer is a special time in Oregon and Washington, as the sun finally peaks through after months of clouds and drizzling. Once you’ve tasted the delicious local food, you’ll probably want to move here, so consider finding a secure spot in Oregon or a safe place in Washington to store your stuff. Yearning for more PNW recipes? Check out these delicious soups, stews, and chowders.

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