Storage Safety

storage safety

Northwest Self Storage makes every effort to provide the safest environment possible for you and your belongings, but there some proactive precautions you can take to be extra careful! Here are some tips for keeping your items secure. Store Valuables Properly: You shouldn’t stow irreplaceable items, such as old photographs or family heirlooms, in self … Read more

No More Soggy Stuff!

wet kitten

Washington never keeps you guessing about the weather. If it hasn’t rained in the last hour, give it another five minutes. When the water builds up enough, it leaks into basements and causes damage to books, clothing and other belongings. However, you can learn how to store your items safely at home and in a … Read more

Prepare for your storage unit before the weather gets you!

Frozen bike

Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being cold, wet, and generally miserable. Unless your belongings are sheltered appropriately, this nasty weather can destroy your treasured property. Storage also ensures that seasonal items will not clutter your home. Here are some tips to prepare for winter self storage: Invest in Appropriate Containers: … Read more

What Can I Put in Self Storage?

A room with items for self storage.

Self storage units are beneficial when you need more space in your home or office. Instead of buying a bigger space or selling off your possessions, you can utilize self storage units. Self storage can be especially useful when you are moving to a new house, apartment or place of business. Some people must wait … Read more

Tips for storing clothing: Keep it Cool, Clean, Dark & Dry at Northwest Self Storage

Clothes spilling out of drawers

With the chilly winter months fast approaching, it?s time to dig out your favorite sweaters, hats and scarves and pack away your swimsuits, shorts and flip-flops. Switching out seasonal clothing is an excellent way to save space. To make room in your closet for your favorite winter apparel, consider taking advantage of the fantastic self … Read more

Storing Your Summer Toys

Couple on a jet ski in the water

As autumn continues to progress and summer is left far behind, you will want to begin thinking about moving your summer toys into winter storage. With a few tried-and-true self storage tips and some attention to detail, you can ensure that your cherished items come through the cold months without any problems. When spring arrives … Read more

Best Times To Make A Move

A little-known but quite true fact is that there are such things as ?good? and ?bad? times to move. Certain times of day, days of the week, time of the month, and times of year present more efficient and cost-effective backdrops for physical relocation. As the law of supply and demand dictates, you will have … Read more