Pack for College Before You Pack in the Summer Fun

Whether you’re leaving for college or coming back home for the summer, you probably have enough plans to avoid your parents without us reminding you. Before you pack your days full of making epic memories—like heading to some PNW festivals—you’ve unfortunately got to buckle down and literally pack some other things first.

For those who are leaving the nest

If you just graduated from high school and are heading to college at the end of the summer, you could have your mom pack for you. Or you could grow up and do the packing on your own. The good news is that unless your parents are planning on converting your bedroom into a home gym they’ll never use, you should still be able to store some stuff at their house. But, to be courteous and make sure you get your inheritance one day, you should definitely clean things up.


Now’s the perfect time to go through everything you’ve been hoarding since you were two years old and chuck it. Sure, you can keep the stuffed giraffe you still sleep with, but all those broken doll heads hiding under your bed can definitely go.

Get bins

Start organizing things into categories of what you’re going to take with you and what you’re going to leave at home. Then, once you’ve moved everything into piles, put them in some clear plastic bins and label them “college” and “home.” That way, you really know you don’t have to think about anything but partying with your friends until you move away.

For those who always come back

No matter how hard we try to stay away from home, we always come back—at least for a few summers in between college semesters. If you’re cleaning out your dorm room and moving back into your childhood bedroom filled with posters of bands you don’t listen to anymore, we have a few tips for you.

Throw things away

All those cans of “soda” and Hot Pocket sleeves that are hiding in your closet have got to go; especially if you hope to get your deposit back. Before you pack everything in a box, make sure you and your roommate go through your entire dorm room and throw that stinky trash away.

Get a storage unit

The last thing you want is for your parents to see all the stuff you’ve been collecting while in college. Skip their judgment before you move home for the summer and put everything in one of our storage units. Because you probably don’t have that much stuff, one of our smaller units should do the trick.

Make this summer officially the best summer of your life by getting all the packing out of the way now. Chances are we’re just around the corner from you in Oregon and Washington.

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