How to Create More Storage in Your Dorm Room

Creative use of the limited space in your dorm room can make the time you spend there more enjoyable. Luckily with the help of some rearranging, organization strategies, and a nearby storage unit, you’ll be saving room in no time.

Use Space Over and Under Your Bed

Above and below your bed are two of the most useful and also underused places in your room. Boots, heavy coats and school sweatshirts keep you comfy in Centralia, Washington, but try storing them under your bed for easy access and convenience. Under the bed storage units hide out-of-season clothes and bedding, and you can make the space larger with bed risers. A rack that fits over the head or foot of your bed has adjustable shelves for books, your laptop and storage boxes. It can hold nearly 200 pounds, and it is a handy place to store items that you need every day without taking up any floor space.

Capturing Door Space

An over-the-door organizer lets you use wasted space to hold your makeup, jewelry, snacks or bathroom essentials. A door also provides a great place to store your shoes in a hanging organizer. Check out the store selection to pair with exactly what you want to hide away, because there are usually many options available.

Putting Wall Space to Use

No matter how small the floor space of a dorm room, each one has eight-foot walls that you can use for creative storage. Turn a shower caddy into a rack for your notebooks, keys and class schedule. Suspend a container for your pens so that you never have to look for one again. Affix a cell phone holder to your wall without marring the paint or creating a hole by using hooks that have a peel off sticker. These are also great for holding your umbrella, headphones, scissors or a tote. Anything that weighs less than 10 pounds can easily be used with these adhesive hooks.

Creating Style with Sneaky Space Savers

You can hang chair pockets on the back of your desk chair for a place to store your calculator, notebooks, water, snacks and markers while also giving your chair a colorful accent. Make the space that your nightstand occupies more valuable by using cubes that stack. Doors on the cubes open conveniently so that you can reach your ring binders, laptop, term paper or any clutter that you want to hide. Getting organized also means de-cluttering, and when you don’t have the space to store items in your dorm room, it’s time to check out your local Northwest Self Storage location. Let self storage take care of your room so you can focus on school.

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