Golf Storage Year-round in Vancouver, Washington

golf storage

During August, golfers can honor National Golf Month by learning how to properly care for and store golf gear. Celebrate this month by checking out one of the top courses in Vancouver, Washington. Most Vancouver golf courses are open to the public year-round, so golfers of all ages have ample opportunity to enjoy a game. The mild climate and picturesque views draw golfers from across the country – lugging their gear along too.

Storage facilities in Vancouver, Washington are a safe and secure place to store clubs, and a convenient option for frequent golfers who don’t want to lug their gear from home to course. Northwest Self Storage facilities in Vancouver, Washington offer the proper place to store clubs when they are not in use, but golfers need to provide daily care on the course as well. Nicks in the responsive metal on fairway clubs and irons can alter the flight of a ball and ruin an otherwise perfect shot. Using a dry towel after each shot to remove dirt and moisture takes only a few moments, and it prepares the club for the next hole. Clubs that have their own head cover avoid dings from jostling against other clubs in the bag, and they make no noise.

Storing clubs in a climate controlled facility protects them from damage that can occur in a home garage or the trunk of a car. Grips contain compounds that can cause them to crack or break when exposed to high heat, requiring replacement and a period of adjusting to using new grips. Storage facilities in Vancouver, Washington offer secure and convenient locations that let golfers access equipment at any hour of the day or night. In a storage facility, clubs receive protection from heat and dings, while also being secure from theft. Northwest Self Storage facilities in Vancouver, Washington offer 24-hour security surveillance and electronic gate access.

If you’re looking for a great golf location, Vancouver, Washington is the place! Contact Northwest Self Storage today to find a storage facility near you for golf gear.

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Thursday August 21, 2014