Going Green: How to Make Your Home More Earth Friendly

As a resident of the beautiful city of Gresham, Oregon, you know firsthand how important it is to the local government and your neighbors to remain a designated EPA Green Power Community. Using green resources to power your home and community is your city’s way of taking care of the environment. But there’s even more you can do to continue this noble effort. Northwest Self Storage Company is sharing tips on continuing to make your Gresham, Oregon home environmentally friendly, one room at a time! We’ll cover the small stuff, like knowing what goes into making the household items you buy, all the way to making your big renovations efficient money savers.

Sweat the Small Stuff

There are many small things you can do that, combined, make a big impact on your environmental footprint. You can start with the usual stuff, like keeping lights off, maintaining a consistent temperature in your house and switching out your current light bulbs for more a more energy efficient option. But there are also some less thought of ways. Did you know that regular fireplace logs produce a considerable amount of tar and carbon monoxide? If you have an regularly used fireplace, it’s worth the extra expense to buy earth-friendly logs like Java Log, made from recycled coffee grounds. To update your insulation, consider using GreenFiber Cocoon, which uses recycled newspaper treated with fire retardant that can be blown through a small hole – making it much easier to use for already-built homes.

Large and Recharged

If you’re looking into updating a room or two in your home, now’s a great time to consider green choices. It’s also a good time to use storage units to keep your items out of the way while the renovations are taking place!

Living Room: Consider bamboo as a flooring option, as it’s very easily grown and it will last a lifetime in your home. New furniture is an exciting indulgence, but there is a wide range of gently used tables, chairs and decorations that you can consider when updating your space. Sometimes antique stores have already updated items, giving them an artistic, unique touch. Storage companies in and around Gresham are happy to store anything you find while the renovation is completed.

Bathroom: Toilets made prior to the 1990s use over three gallons of water per flush. Don’t skimp on a toilet – that will be the most water-saving source in your entire house. Just by upgrading your shower head to a water efficient option, you save enough energy in your house to power your television for almost a year! There are also a wide-range of bathtubs that keep your water warm without having to turn on the hot water faucet, saving your water heater from working overtime.

Kitchen: Appliances provide a great opportunity to save energy, but there’s even more energy-saving options to discover in the kitchen. Try locating workspaces near windows so you don’t even have to turn on the lights. Install task lighting so you only have to turn on lights where you need them. Cork flooring is becoming a viable and long-lasting option for kitchen floors. When replacing cabinets, if the interior is in good shape, only replace the exterior doors and look into formaldehyde-free options.

The city of Gresham, Oregon is truly a wonderful place to live, and most of that has to do with the natural surroundings that we are so lucky to have. Forests, mountains, and rivers all around make it obvious why we need to work hard to keep the earth just the way it is. At Northwest Self Storage units, we do what we can at home and work to “be green” and we’re always looking for suggestions to shrink our environmental footprint. Together, we can make an impact – one room at a time!

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