Finding Fresher Fare at Your Local Farmer’s Market in Newberg

It’s only a few acres, but it’s enough to keep sellers and shoppers happy at our Newberg Farmer’s Market. You know how fun it is to find fresh fare at the corner of First and Howard, so why not let your inspiration blossom across the street from City Hall and turn you into a vendor, too? Start sowing your seeds for farmer’s market success with some planning, clever self storage use and a little Newberg, OR inspiration.

Engage in Community Exchange

When Newberg adopted its motto, “A Great Place to Grow,” farmers as vendors were already a part of the fertile Willamette Valley scene. Our Wednesday market afternoons bring the community together from May through September with a common cause focused on the freshest produce available in Yamhill County. We indulge in edible delights that range from organic to exotic. Area farmers enjoy the extra business, and it all keeps the local economy healthy and humming. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, you can’t beat that kind of positive community exchange.

Shop for Vendor Inspiration

Wear comfortable shoes, bring a roomy tote, and stuff your pocketbook with small bills. Stroll the entire market before you start shopping. This gives you a better overview of everything from raw honey and fresh herbs to sustainable veggies and fresh-cut flowers. Are you feeling the inspiration? You can be a part of the fun with your backyard produce, handmade jewelry or homemade candles. Visit with the market’s farmers and vendors. Ask them how they got started while you purchase heirloom tomatoes for the kitchen pantry.

Set Up a Smart Staging Area

The Newberg Farmer’s Market provides online sign-up forms and guidelines. Combine those resources with the tips you picked up along with the heirloom tomatoes. As a vendor, you’re responsible for your booth’s tables, signage, lighting and displays. Nearby self storage makes a smart staging area for pulling it all together. Consider a drive-up unit for easy loading because vendor hours at market run from noon until 6 p.m.

Once you cultivate a taste for our wonderful farmer’s market, it’s hard to resist becoming a permanent part of this seasonal community gathering. Give in to sweet temptation, and keep harvesting your inspiration. Northwest Self Storage makes sure that you have plenty of room to grow with storage units in Newberg, OR and all across Yamhill County. We’re always here to help you plant your farmer’s market dreams.




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