Family Fun at the Oregon State Fair

Family Fun at the Oregon State Fair

Looking for something fun to do in late summer? The Oregon State Fair has something for everyone. Running from August 24 through September 3 this year, the fair offers plenty of rides, games, animals, and entertainment. As fans of everything summer in the Pacific Northwest, we’re here to make sure you make the most of the Oregon State Fair.

Carnival rides

For some people, the carnival rides are the main reason they attend the Oregon State Fair. Indulge your thrill-seeking side and check out this year’s collection of carnival rides and games, including seven new rides. With bumper cars, tilt-a-whirl, the spider, the zipper, and the cliffhanger (just to name a few), there’s a ride to get everyone’s adrenaline pumping. If you’re at the fair with kiddos, check out the family-friendly rides.

Contests and competitions

The Oregon State Fair has some of the best competitions and prizes around. The talent show, spelling bee, and pie eating contest are always fun for participants and viewers. You can also measure your homebrew or wine-making skills against others. If you’re a serious competitor, consider getting a storage unit to brew your winning batch. After all, the perfect brew needs an undisturbed, temperature-controlled space. If brewing isn’t your strong suit, there are countless other competitions to try.

Fair food

The fair is known for having delicious and sometimes wacky food. Last year, crazy creations like deep-fried bacon-wrapped peanut butter cups were a hit. If adventurous deep-fried food isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll always be able to find classics like corn dogs, tacos, and shaved ice on the fairgrounds. Either way, make sure to bring your appetite.

Music and shows

Music and entertainment are another main draw to the Oregon State Fair, and 2018’s lineup is not to be missed. Many concerts and musical performances are included in fair admission, so seeing great music doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. This year, be sure to check out Randy Houser with special guest Blackhawk, Roots & Boots, and Styx. If you’re a fan of magic, the Masters of Illusion will also passing through, so be sure to stop by and see the show.

All the animals

The state fair and animals have always gone hand in hoof. Horses, pigs, cows, sheep, and llamas are just a few of the furry visitors you’ll see at the fair. Watch horse lovers show off their riding skills and see which livestock will take home the blue ribbon. You can also get up close and personal with small animals like birds, bunnies, and cavies. Whether you’re there to show off your livestock or introduce your kiddos to a little taste of farm life, be sure to stop by the animal area.

What will you do first at the Oregon State Fair? Whether you’re a first-time fairgoer or a veteran of the event, this classic Pacific Northwest affair is not to be missed. Who knows, you could just come home with a few prizes! In the meantime, find the right size storage unit for all your blue ribbons, prize stuffed animals, or homebrew equipment.

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Monday August 27, 2018
Family Fun at the Oregon State Fair