Expert Tips for Creating the Ultimate Lemonade Stand

Scappoose, OR typically has mild summers, but even the North can be hit by a brutal heatwave. On the hottest days, ice-cold lemonade is a godsend, and selling the classic summer beverage can be quite a profitable venture. To have some fun and give the kids an early business experience, open an awesome lemonade stand and rake in the extra cash. Your friends at Northwest Self Storage are offering a few great tips to help you succeed. 

Top Business Tips for the Ultimate Lemonade Stand

  • First, be sure to obtain the proper permits to operate your stand.
  • Choose a high-traffic location. Consider setting up in front of a shopping center, near a community sports center or at a busy street corner that is frequented by many pedestrians.
  • Use signage to help spread the word. A large printed sign just above your stand is essential. Add a few smaller signs with arrows that point the way to refreshment.
  • Create and sell a variety of lemonades. You’ll appeal to more customers and generate more curiosity by adding flavors like strawberry, cherry or lime to your standard recipe. To seduce the epicurean crowd, try sophisticated recipes that call for unusual ingredients like lavender buds or fresh mint.
  • Be sure to include a sugar-free, diet lemonade option for diabetic customers and those who are counting calories or carbs.
  • Not everyone likes lemonade, but you can tempt the lemon haters with great alternatives. Freshly brewed iced tea and spring water infused with fresh fruit slices are sure to be a hit.
  • Presentation is important, but don’t reduce your profits by spending too much money on fancy cups. Instead, decorate your product with fresh citrus slices, or toss in other colorful garnishes like frozen berries.
  • Be sure that your stand and prep areas are kept immaculately clean.
  • Use quality ingredients. If juicing fresh lemons is too much work, add some garnishes or personal touches to lemonade made from dry mixes or concentrates.
  • Always have someone available who can run errands if needed. You wouldn’t want to run out of ice and not have a way to get more.


For Affordable Business Storage in Scappoose, Trust Northwest

If your lemonade stand becomes a smashing success, you may want to expand your territory or move to a permanent location. When you do, you’ll probably need a place to keep your supplies and advertising materials. Northwest Self Storage has affordable, clean units to meet all of your business storage needs. Contact us today to make us part of your future summer beverage empire.


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