Create Your Own Science Lab

create your own lab

What is Frankenstein Day? It’s the day to honor Frankenstein author Mary Wollenstone Shelley, who was born August 30, 1797. But it’s also a great day to create your own science lab right in your home! With well-known inspiration such as Sharp Labs, it’s easy to see why many here in Camas, Washington would love to have their own dedicated lab space for experiments – even if it’s “for their kids.” Northwest Self Storage can help you clear out the clutter so you’re able to create your own today.

The Requirements of a Home Lab

Before getting started building your lab, it’s important to know what will be required. Below are a few must-haves for your space.

  • Labs can take up a lot of counter space with microscopes, notebooks, chemicals and other supplies. You’ll need at least ten square feet of work surface with two designated areas – the experimentation counter area and the note-taking area. Get some mats to keep the surfaces safe.
  • Figure out additional storage space to keep equipment and chemicals safe, especially anything hazardous. Keep pets, kids and general household items away from these dangerous chemicals.
  • Ventilation is necessary for any fumes, odors and smoke that are possible. Ensure there’s a window and exhaust fan nearby, but an exhaust hood is even better.
  • There needs to be lots of lighting so you can avoid errors and perform your experiments safely. Get some additional table lamps or portable light sources if you don’t have enough.
  • That leads us into electrical sources. You’ll need quite a few outlets.
  • Have quick access to running water with a sewer connection for safety.
  • Accidents happen, and your flooring will be the first to suffer. Concrete would be the best flooring option in your lab, or protected linoleum or vinyl.

How to Choose the Right Lab Room

With so many good rooms to choose from, it can get tough deciding where to grow you lab space. Laundry rooms offer most of the items on the checklist, but you’ll have to make sure to clean up after every use so your clothes aren’t damaged. Kitchens also provide work space, storage, and access to water, ventilation and electricity. Just remember to avoid contamination with surfaces and food or prepping tools. The best locations for a lab are unfinished basements and garages, mainly because they’re the most widely available in terms of space. You’ll have plenty of storage and the floor is usually concrete. Remember, the garage could end up getting a little hot or cold, and you’ll need to ventilate the basement.

Moving Extra Clutter to Storage Companies

If you’re like most folks in Camas, Washington, you’re currently using a lot of your basement or garage space to store your extra stuff. That’s where storage companies like Northwest Self Storage come in. You can rent a unit that’s the perfect size for your things, and easily move them over for the time being. Take a little time today to start planning what your new lab will look like. While you may not be creating any of your own Frankensteins anytime soon, the world is still a mystery just waiting to be discovered by you!

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