Clever Hidden Storage Space Ideas for Your Battle Ground Home

floral patterned boxes and a pair of child-sized shoes

When you’re trying to stretch storage options at the house, small places can turn into a big opportunity. With a little inspiration and a little outside help, the potential for storage in your Battle Ground, WA home will be clear. With your DIY talents and a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Clear Out Room in the Bedroom

You need room for quickly putting things away, but you also want space for stashing stuff, long-term. You can’t have too much permanent storage in the bedroom. Try these tricks for making more space.

  • Hide things in plain sight and out of the way in pretty baskets tucked in corners and under night stands.
  • Put your favorite handyman to work on a comfy window seat that doubles up as bedroom storage.
  • Old dressers parked in closets make great hidden storage units for seasonal clothing and extra bedding.
  • Roller trays under the beds give kids an easily-accessed hiding space for quick tidying. 

Free Up Tight Bathroom Space

Unless you’re a celebrity, your bathroom probably feels a little too cozy. Your bathroom can be functional and look great, even with insufficient counter and storage space.  Take advantage of hidden spaces to optimize your bathroom.

  • Put that cabinet space under sinks to use with shelving that’s out of sight yet still within reach.
  • Install extra medicine cabinets and disguise them with decorative doors or framed art prints.
  • Place a side-hinge on a full-length mirror so that it can open and close on extra shelf space.

Conceal Clever Kitchen Storage 

Rearranging dishes and straightening out drawers isn’t enough. You can expand kitchen storage with smart solutions and permanent fixes.

  • Corners under counters where lower cabinets meet have real potential when you install two-tiered lazy susans.
  • Pop the panels off kitchen island corners, and turn the space into racks for your Clark County wine collection.
  • Expand a small, fixed kitchen workstation with a roll-out table fitted with a sturdy cutting board top.
  • Put skinny space to use by installing slide-out can storage with open sides for easy access.
  • Disguise extra kitchen storage space with a French accent by using etagere shelving on countertops.

Never Hidden, Always Available

It’s fun to unleash your DIY creativity as you organize the house, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Don’t let anything get in the way at your home; let Northwest Self Storage help you stay organized. Our Battle Ground, WA storage units are never hidden, and always available to back up your best home-improvement ideas.

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Monday January 16, 2017