Celebrate World Teacher’s Day October 5th

Teaching is one of the most integral jobs in every city, from right here in Kelso, Washington, to the far reaches of the world. This World Teacher’s Day on October 5, there is much more you can do besides wholeheartedly thank the teacher that is making a difference in you and your child’s lives. You can help them do their job even better by putting together a school supplies drive! But it doesn’t have to be your run-of-the-mill school supplies. Kelso teachers would love help with the pricier items, like awesome classroom technology, interesting field trips and even educational guest speakers. To help you get started, Northwest Self Storage is sharing tips for starting a supplies drive that will keep your teacher – and kids – smiling all year long!

School Supplies Drive Ideas

New for the Old. There’s a free technology recycling company that will pick up old and broken electronics in Kelso and send it off for proper recycling, called Earth Friendly Recycling. Schedule a day for them to pick up items, and hold a recycling drive in your school parking lot (shoot for the weekend so it’s empty). Spread the word through social media, and give your PTO and teachers a flyer to place around the school. Parents can bring in their old computers, cables, batteries, televisions and more, and you can request a donation for specific new items like iPads, software, projectors, or smart boards. The more specific the items, the more likely people will donate to that particular technology. If Earth Friendly Recycling can’t immediately pick up the items, or is unable to pick up the entire load at once, just store them in a storage unit until it can all be gathered.

Works of Art. Instead of selling items like posters, t-shirts or calendars, get the students together and have them create something. It could be planters, canvases, dream catchers or wind chimes – whatever their hearts’ desire. Then sell those items online or through an art gallery like The Broadway Gallery in Longview. Work with your art teacher to reserve a day or two for the students to create the items, then speak with the gallery manager or owner to determine if they are willing to reserve space to sell the items, without taking a portion of the proceeds. If that’s not possible, work with the school to create or use a current social media account to hold the sale in the park or even at the school. You could easily create an “Event Page” that shows a photo of the item for sale, and a short bio on the student who made it. Again, storage units in Kelso are a great place to store all of the items prior to the event date. The proceeds earned could go toward giving away tickets to the Columbia Theatre Rainy Months series for parents to take their kids on Sundays during the rainy season.

Go Digital. Kelso Public Schools has a foundation listed on FundRaise.com that allows you to create a fundraiser around anything. It could be as simple as paying for a guest speaker or as large as a new wave of technology. All you need to do is sign up, create the page, add pictures and a detailed description of your needs, set the fundraiser date and integrate it with social media. This tool allows any parent to make a big effort towards helping funds get raised, without having to do a ton of planning. All the funds will go straight into the Kelso Public Schools Foundation’s account, so once you set up the fundraiser, all you need to do is get the word out.

Northwest Self Storage in Kelso can help with any fundraising needs, by providing you with a storage unit that fits all your organizational needs – plus our storage companies offer convenient month-to-month leasing. That way when you’re all done raising the money and don’t need a storage unit anymore, you can pack up and head out until next time. Give us a call or reserve a unit online today, and get started thanking your teacher on World Teacher’s Day!

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