Moving to Salem, Oregon? Here’s What You Need to Know

Salem, Oregon

In times of uncertainty, one thing remains certain: Upper Left Coast = Best Coast (fight us, California). And nestled practically smack-dab in the middle is Salem, one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest hidden treasures. If the great winds of 2020 have carried you to Oregon’s fair capital (not Portland; more on that below), you’re going … Read more

Resolve to Start Your Year With a Clean Workspace in Salem

An uncluttered desk with a white marbled wall in the background.

Whether you enjoy a quiet office on the Willamette University campus or a busy suite overlooking downtown Liberty Street, get ready to transform your workplace. Take advantage of National Clean Off Your Desk Day on January 9th. Combine these seven, smart organization hacks with convenient self-storage to turn your workspace into something new and very … Read more