The End of the Oregon Trail, the Beginning of Pioneer History

A covered wagon, like ones used on the Oregon Trail, sits empty with a gorgeous landscape behind it.

Whether you’re a newcomer or lifelong resident, Oregon City, OR offers plenty of exciting ways to celebrate our municipal and regional history. Commemorate the area’s past at these fascinating sites while maintaining memories of your own life story with help from clean and convenient self storage. Barclay House and McLoughlin House The homes of two … Read more

Is This Oregon City the Real-Life Inspiration for “The Simpsons”?

When we tune into “The Simpsons” every week, more than 3 million of us consider them our favorite animated family. Are we watching a cartoon fantasy or something based on facts? Has someone stashed secrets in Springfield, OR storage units that reveal the truth behind this TV world? Let’s start with Homer’s hometown. Is Springfield … Read more

Pioneer History Comes Alive in Old Town Oregon City

When brave pioneers finally reached the end of their 2,000-mile journey in the early 1800s, they gave their new home a nickname. This part of the state is still known as the “End of the Oregon Trail,” where history is a vibrant part of everyday life. That spirit shows up in heritage trails, cultural centers … Read more