Break Out Your Ugliest Holiday Sweater This December in Portland

Ugly sweaters are the perfect accessory this holiday season.

Everybody should have at least one stashed away in self storage. Portland, OR fashionistas, hipsters, oldsters and kids are all getting ready to step out in silly style on December 16. It’s unofficially been an official part of the yuletide season since 2011, and it’s a wonderfully warm, wooly way to spread holiday cheer. If you’re not prepared for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, Northwest Self Storage can help.

Really Fuzzy Origins

The details of this tradition’s origins remain fuzzy, but it’s safe to say that we’ve all been celebrating it for generations. That well-meaning aunt and doting grandmother were just as likely to give you a strange-looking sweater as your best friend or favorite neighbor. At some point, we all began to embrace the tasteless and enjoy our funny Christmas sweaters. If you have any doubts, ask anybody who loves to document weird holidays about the third Friday in December. It really is designated as National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, so wear yours loud and proud.

An Ugly Sweater How-To

If you’re that rare individual who doesn’t have an ugly Christmas sweater, don’t despair. If you don’t have any relatives with clothing tastes that run off the rails, it’s okay. Visit local thrift shops, garage sales and even friends’ storage units. Liberate cringe-inducing cover-ups begging for a new home, or make your very own. All you need is a plain sweater ready for conversion with a few special touches like:

  • Bright ribbon trim in clashing colors.
  • Pom-poms, bows and belts that bounce.
  • Flashing LED lights on front and back.
  • Giant shoulder pads for hanging tree ornaments.
  • Too much tinsel and glitter combined with too many sequins.

Better With Sweaters

To truly get into the spirit, it’s important to wear your ugly Christmas sweater all day. Put it on for work, show it off while shopping, and present yourself with pride at the office party. Whatever happens to be on the schedule will definitely be more fun because that’s what these sweaters do. They make people smile, and they can also make a real difference. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day became a Save the Children partner back in 2014, so pull yours on with purpose, and join the campaign to “Make the World Better With a Sweater.”

Safely Stashed Stockpiles

Once you catch the ugly Christmas sweater spirit, it’s easy to start collecting questionable cardigans and almost-pretty pullovers. This type of woolgathering is often accompanied by acquiring buttons, bows and other unusual add-ons. It’s okay to go a little crazy as long as you stash your stockpile in climate-controlled self storage. Make sure sweaters are clean, fold them with tissue paper, and gently place them in sturdy cardboard boxes. Seal box lids with tape, stack off the floor, and your warm woolies are ready to celebrate next season in sensationally ugly style.

Hilarious Hobby Warning

Collecting ugly Christmas sweaters can easily become a hilarious hobby. Our Northwest Self Storage teams suggest climate-controlled storage units here in Portland, OR to keep your treasures safe year-round. Meanwhile, have fun and unravel holiday stress while you wear the best of your worst on this National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

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Ugly sweaters are the perfect accessory this holiday season.