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If you simply adore great wine, incredible scenery, delicious food, and fresh air, read on! Below we’ve got a list of the best Oregon wine tours and trails, just for you! For example, you can explore the Willamette Valley and Columbia Gorge. And don’t forget the beautiful Southern Oregon wine tours. Tours, tasting, and good sips await! Discover them all below, and uncover the best of Oregon along the way!

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There are dozens of distinct wineries in Oregon. The many wineries craft a wide variety of wines and varietals for you to enjoy. The wineries themselves are often impressive, with spectacular views and gorgeous scenery. A day of wine tasting in the Beaver State is a delicious treat for both your eyes and your palate.

Since there are over 500 tasting rooms in Oregon, it’s a bounty of wine riches if there ever was one! They represent Oregon’s impressive 19 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). An AVA is a designated region for grape growing in the United States. Indeed, wine connoisseurs will tell you that Oregon’s 19 AVAs are some of the best in the world.

Willamette Valley, Oregon: Wine Tours and Trails

First, we have Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This area is home to some of the world’s best wineries and it is the leading wine region in Oregon. It’s basically the Napa Valley of Oregon. We would recommend making this beautiful valley the first stop on your Oregon wine tour. The valley makes up ⅔ of the state’s wineries (there are 700 wineries in the valley). The Willamette Valley is famous for Pinot Noir, so make sure to grab one on your tour.

Mt. Hood Wine Trail

This free wine tour passport offers you the opportunity to win a stainless steel wine glass. You can travel the wine tour at your own pace while admiring the view of Mt. Hood. The trail takes you through 16 different wineries. And to earn your chance to win, all you have to do is redeem an offer at 8 of the 16 wineries. As a result, this is an easy and flexible way to explore the local wineries on your own. Although, we do recommend you take public transportation or arrange for a sober driver.

PDX Urban Wineries

The PDX Urban Wineries Association is a collection of 16 wineries in the greater Portland area. Here, you can enjoy these luxurious tasting rooms using your mobile tour passport. Each winery will “stamp” your passport. This tour is gorgeous in May! Did you know that May is Oregon’s Wine Month? So, go ahead and treat yourself this May!

Pinot Bingo

This Oregon wine tour features the wineries around Eugene and Springfield. While you visit each winery, you will check off a specially-made BINGO card. For each row you finish, you’ll get a free piece of framed art! Better still, you have the opportunity to taste some excellent Pinot noir, Sirah, Grenache, and Viognier!

Heart of Willamette Wineries

Step into the heart of the Willamette Valley on this tour. Along the tour, you will visit 15 family-owned wineries. This wine trail takes you through the foothills of the Coast Range mountains. In addition, the passport gets you free tastings at each. It’s one of the most scenic of all the Oregon wine trails, so don’t forget your camera.

Newberg Downtown Wineries

Historic Downtown Newberg has a few of the best wineries in Oregon and many restaurants and hotels. In addition, Newberg is a beautiful area with boutiques, antique stores, designer jewelry, and unique stores. Did we mention, you don’t need to drive for this wine tour? Yep, that’s right, you can walk the whole trail through downtown Newberg. And, this trail offers fun events like First Friday, with special wine flights and extended hours.

Oregon Wine Tours

Southern Oregon Wine Tours and Trails

Southern Oregon boasts over 150 wineries in and around the Applegate Valley. Not only are there are 6 AVAs here, but the region also offers some of the world’s most diverse growing conditions. It should come as no surprise that Southern Oregon is one of the Top 10 wine destinations in the world (Wine Enthusiast, 2016). Count us in!

Umpqua Valley Winegrowers

The thirty family-owned wineries make this trail one of the best on the list. This lush valley offers secluded wineries and vineyards. Therefore, this Oregon wine tour is our favorite for a romantic getaway! The wine history is impressive and dates back to the late 1800s.

Upper Rogue Wine Trail

While you trace your way through 4 different family-owned wineries, the gorgeous countryside awaits. And the terroir here is some of the most varied in the state! As a result, this shorter wine trail makes for a quiet and relaxing trip.

Applegate Valley Wine Trail

Travel the well-drained and deep soil of the gorgeous Applegate Valley on this tour, while you visit 18 different wineries on your tour. Plus, there are working farms along the way. Lastly, the spectacular full-bodied, fruit-forward Bordeaux and Rhône style wines await!

The Wineries of Jacksonville

Some of the best Pinot Noirs are to be had on this trail through 7 delicious wineries. Plus, all are within a mile of Jacksonville, one of Oregon’s gold-rush-era towns. Not to mention, Jacksonville is a fun stop for a little walk through history along your Oregon wine tour.

Bear Creek, Oregon Wine Trail

This is the southernmost wine trail in Oregon, with 11 wineries to explore. It’s also in the Rogue Valley AVA (one of the best in the world!).

Columbia Gorge, Oregon: Wine Tours and Trails

Columbia Gorge is a place of extremes. Here you’ll find an extreme climate, extremely beautiful scenery, and, yes, even extreme wine. Similarly, this part of Oregon has unique microclimates. This creates always-changing terroir and some astounding varietals including Bordeaux, Alsace, and Burgundy. There’s also no other place on the planet that comes close to Columbia Gorge’s climate diversity! Best of all, the wonderful wines made here are very close and ready to pour.

Hood River County Fruit Loop

Embark on this Oregon wine tour to visit 10 wineries and 28 farms. During your tour, you will admire the magnificent views of Mount Adams and Mount Hood make this wine tour memorable. One thing is sure; you won’t go hungry on this 35-mile wine trail loop! So, don’t wait and book your tour now!

Oregon Wine Tours

The Paradise of Oregon Wine Tours

In conclusion, we think you’ll agree that Oregon offers an amazingly delicious array of fine wines and even finer wineries. You’ll find a bounty of fantastic vintages here and some astounding scenery to pair with it!

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