Accessorizing Your Storage Unit: Organization for the Organizationally Challenged

There are two types of people in this world: Those who clean and those who hide their messes from out of plain view. Both kinds of people can benefit from a storage unit, but only one will truly prosper. Do you associate yourself with the latter camp? Fear not, for the Type A personalities among us have created all kinds of tools and systems to help the rest of us harness even just a shred of their organizational prowess. Here are some storage unit accessories and tips to keep your stored belongings tidy.

Shelving racks

As is evidenced by any smartly designed city, the best way to maximize space is to build up. Don’t be a sprawler—sprawling is clunky and inefficient. Strive to become the New York City of storage units, even if you’re currently the Atlanta. Common storage tips like taking your furniture apart will enable you to make your belongings more compact, but that game of Tetris will only get you so far. What any well-organized storage unit needs is some good ol’ fashioned shelving racks.

  • Budget: This utility rack from Plano Molding has four shelves and is easy to assemble. 
  • Splurge: This six-tier shelving unit from Meet Perfect has wheels and can hold up to 4,800 lbs.

Clear storage bins

While an effective labeling system for your boxes and storage bins is highly encouraged, it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Maybe an extensive color-coded identification system isn’t your cup of tea. Perhaps you’ve been known to forget to change the label after transferring contents from one storage container to another. Clear storage bins are a great way to get a little more clarity into what you’re storing. Save yourself the time and hassle of digging through mislabeled boxes with our top clear storage bin picks.

  • Budget: This 64-quart latching storage bin from Sterilite is easily stackable. 
  • Splurge: Weathertight totes from IRIS are built to last, offering full protection for your treasured belongings.

Filing cabinet

We’ve all been guilty of stuffing a loose stack of important documents into a box with reckless abandon. And with good reason, because who wants to deal with a mess like that? The problem is that there inevitably comes a time when we’re all forced to confront our sloppy document boxes in search of a particular item. Keeping your files in a filing cabinet in your storage unit will streamline the process whenever you need to find something in a pinch.

  • Budget: This basic filing cabinet from Hirsh is great if you’re not concerned about security.
  • Splurge: Put your valuable (and organized!) documents under lock and key with this heavy duty filing cabinet on wheels from DEVAISE.

Hand truck

Let’s face it—a trip to and from the storage unit can be taxing on your body. That’s why we offer free use of flat carts at most of our locations. But what happens before you get to your storage unit? Save yourself the backache by keeping a hand truck or dolly at the ready in your garage. Dollies lessen the strain of lifting and moving heavy items. They also make it much easier to carry awkwardly shaped items. The bottom line? Hand trucks are a safety precaution that makes loading things for transport to your storage unit a much smoother process.

  • Budget: This foldable hand truck from Magna Cart has a capacity of 150 lbs.
  • Splurge: This versatile two-in-one hand truck from SHZOND can carry up to 770 lbs.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Need a storage unit to accessorize? We can help with that.

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