8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes From Your Storage Unit

October 22, 2018

What do you mean you don’t have a Halloween costume yet? What are you waiting for? Forget going to the pop-up Halloween store; they’ll be sold out of all the best costumes. Why not hit up your storage unit instead? You’ll definitely find something there you can use ...

1. A classic ghost

Let’s start with a simple Halloween classic: the bed sheet ghost. If you’ve stored any linens, blankets, or fabric in your storage unit, you have the ability to craft a ghost costume. If they’re thousand-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, though, maybe refrain from cutting out eye holes.

2. Your favorite decade

We know you’ve got boxes of old clothes stashed away. Break out those old duds and dress like your favorite decade. If you’ve got high-waisted jeans and flower tops, go for a ‘70s flower child vibe, or don shoulder pads or jazzercise gear to channel the ‘80s.


3. An overeager tourist

Since it’s October, your summer wardrobe is probably in storage. Go snag a Hawaiian shirt and sunhat for an instant tourist look. Slather sunscreen all over your face so it’s caked to your nose and cheeks for added nerdiness. Now you look just like your dad on vacation! (Bonus points if you can find a fanny pack.)

4. A self-portrait

Do you have any art or large framed photos in storage? Good. Leave the art in storage and take the back off the frame. Carry it around on Halloween and hold it up to frame your face. Congratulations, you’re now a self-portrait!

5. A Greek god

Halloween is your one night a year to dress up, so go big or go home. And what’s bigger than dressing as a god? Snag that sheet, blanket, or tablecloth and fashion yourself a toga. Bam, you’re now a member of the greek pantheon of gods. Tuck some leaves into your hair for some extra flair, or craft yourself a DIY laurel wreath. Now it’s time to party! TOGA! TOGA!

6. Halloween itself

Too lazy to decorate your house? Just decorate yourself instead. Snag your old streamers, cotton spider webs, and spider rings from storage, and cover yourself in Halloween. For a little extra flair, carve a pumpkin, leaving a hole at the base large enough for your head.

7. Grandma or Grandpa

Is it just us, or are your parents and grandparents constantly giving you their old stuff so they don’t have to throw it out? If that’s the case, you probably have some of it in storage—and it’s about to come in handy. Wear one of their old sweaters, draw some wrinkles on your face with makeup, and spend Halloween as one of your grandparents.

8. A lamp

Just wear a lampshade on your head. It’s that easy. We know, we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one—but it’s not the worst costume in the world. Just don’t try to walk or run anywhere because you’re sure to trip almost instantly.

If you’ve reached the bottom of this list, we hope you’ve found a Halloween costume. If not, you obviously need more stuff—and a secure spot in Oregon or a dry place in Washington to keep it safe year-round. Not sure how much room you need? Take a look at our storage unit size guide.

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