5 Ways to Get Outdoors and Stay Active This Winter

Rain? Check. Snow? Double check. It’s safe to say Oregon has it all when it comes to winter weather forecasts. Even though Oregon’s winters are somewhat majestic, they can also give you a little bit of cabin fever if you don’t leave the house (hygge can only get you so far, after all). Rather than watching another Netflix documentary or wasting your paycheck shopping online, we’ve created a list of a few things you can do to ditch the winter blues and enjoy all that Oregon’s outdoors have to offer.

1. Hiking the Gorge

Hiking doesn’t have to be an activity you solely do in the summer. If there’s one thing to know about Oregon, it’s that there’s no shortage of beautiful hikes to go on throughout the year— even in winter. As long as the weather conditions are right, Tomlike Mountain at The Gorge is one of the finest places to hike. Grab your camera, your hiking boots, and saddle up for a hike that will make you lose your winter blues.

2. Snowshoeing through Mount Hood

If you’re looking for a winter activity to get you in the snow while staying in solitude, snowshoeing in Mt. Hood is definitely worth trying. Even though a lot of people head to Mt. Hood for the downhill skiing, there are tons of killer snowshoeing trails that are worth exploring on a sunny winter day. And who doesn’t love having a snowshoeing trail all to themselves? We know we do!

3. Downhill skiing at Mount Bachelor

Rather than staying at home and catching up on a guilty pleasure like “The Bachelor,” consider heading outdoors to Mt. Bachelor instead for some serious downhill skiing. As the largest ski resort in Oregon and the second largest single mountain resort in the U.S. (yes, you read that right), you know you’re going to be treated to some serious pow.

4. Cross-country skiing through Crater National Park

If you’re more of the cross-country skiing type, why not pack up your gear and head to a drool-worthy spot like Crater National Park for a weekend getaway? With an average of almost 44 feet of snow on trails each winter, you’ll have no shortage of powder to sift through. And, with that gorgeous scenery, let’s just say you’ll have some serious eye candy to get lost in.

5. Winter golfing on the Coast

Need a little getaway that doesn’t involve getting buried knee-deep in the snow? Then winter golfing may be your jam. Check out one of Oregon’s famously beautiful coastline golf courses to have some tee time and me time while grabbing a local brewed beverage.

Before you head out on any one of these winter adventures, make sure you pack the right gear for whatever activity you plan on doing; that way you know you’ll really have a good time. After you’re done adventuring, let us help you find a great storage spot for all of your winter sporting gear at one of our storage facilities. Happy adventuring!

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