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Three Tips for Streamlining Document Storage in the Business World

Managing your corporate documents effectively can provide you with easy access to necessary information, and ensure that your office remains uncluttered and easy to navigate. Depending on your industry, you may be required to maintain several years of business records to comply with federal and state regulations. Organizing your business documents can allow you to respond to regulatory demands and ensure frequently used items are easily accessible. Here are three tips for streamlining your business document storage process:

Maintaining Security

Choosing a storage solution that provides optimal safety for confidential documents can help you manage compliance issues and increase space in your working environment. Secure Northwest Self Storage units in Bend, Oregon are ideal for maintaining the safety of confidential documents. Employment and tax records, medical information and sensitive financial data must be protected against unauthorized access.

Ensuring Clarity

Storing your documents in boxes clearly labeled with their contents can help you retrieve necessary items quickly and efficiently. Typically, boxes should be organized according to record type and year. This can allow you to weed through documents more efficiently while maintaining required documentation. Storing newer documents toward the front of your storage unit can also save time in retrieving these items when necessary.

Optimizing Space

Metal shelving units and pallets can help you to make the most of the vertical space inside your storage unit and can allow greater organization of key materials. By moving paper boxes and documents off the ground, you can improve air circulation around these items.

Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, Northwest Self Storage units in Bend, Oregon are ideal for managing paperwork overload and can provide added space for organizing all of your necessary documentation. By choosing a facility close to your place of business, you can enjoy optimal efficiency when storing and retrieving your company’s confidential records.

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Celebrate Your Independence with Self Storage

Is it time to move out of your parents’ house to a new apartment or house? If so, you have several important tasks ahead of you before you can enjoy your coveted independence. Most young people find it is difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to find the right place to live and schedule a moving van or arrange to borrow a truck at the same time. Trying to do this adds stress to the process, but there is no need to go through that. Furthermore, your new place may not have room for all of your belongings, and surely your parents don’t want to keep your stuff forever! A simple solution is to arrange for self storage in Clackamas, Oregon ahead of time. There are several advantages with this option.

Self storage is affordable. 
Storage units vary in price depending on size, but you can often find a small one for less than your monthly cell phone bill. At some times during the year, you may also find promotional discounts.

Self storage takes the hassle out of coordinating a move. Most people focus on how to get items from point A to point B, but you can easily move your belongings to a self storage unit beforehand. Leave them there when you have to leave your dorm or parents’ house, and move them after finding the right place to live.

Self storage helps you keep important items. If you are making a move to a small apartment or house, you will want as much space as possible. To avoid purging wanted items or cluttering the home, you can store items you use less in your storage unit.

You may also be leaving Clackamas for college and want to keep your belongings out of your parents’ home. If you are getting ready to move, learn more about self storage in Clackamas, Oregon today.

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June is for Fishing

Did you know that June 18th is the official “Go Fishing Day”? Actually, the whole month of June is an ideal time to get out your fishing gear and enjoy this fun sport. Many people like to keep all their fishing tackle tucked away in storage units in Bend, Oregon, storage units in Portland, Oregon or storage units in Eugene, Oregon. Well, now’s the time to pull out all the necessary gear from storage to go fishing!

So where are the prime fishing areas in Oregon? If you’re close to Bend, then you can enjoy some excellent fly fishing spots on the Upper or Lower Deschutes Rivers, the Crooked River or the Fall River. There are rainbow, brown, brook or bull trout along these scenic rivers. For visitors and residents near Eugene, you have access to great fishing areas in eight rivers, 249 lakes and the Pacific Ocean. Here you’ll find bass, Sturgeon, Pacific Halibut, Chinook salmon, Rainbow trout and Steelhead. Of course, if you’re close to Portland, then the famous Columbia and Willamette Rivers are perfect for catching sizable Chinook salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon.

Now that you know where to go, what will you need to bring? While every fisherman has his own basic equipment, you should double check that you have these essentials packed and ready before you head out fishing. Obviously, you’ll need rods and reels, but also pack your tackle box with lures, extra line, hooks, wire cutters, and bait. Other things that you may want to have on hand are buckets, coolers and a first aid kit.

So break out the equipment from your Oregon storage units! Northwest Self Storage has storage units in Eugene, Oregon, storage units in Portland, Oregon and storage units in Bend, Oregon. Whether you plan on fishing with friends or family, Oregon is a great state to get outdoors and catch some delicious fish! Use Northwest Self Storage today to find a storage unit near you!

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What Items Need Climate Controlled Storage?

When you place your treasured belongings in self storage, you want to ensure that they will be top condition when you retrieve them. When choosing self storage in Beaverton, Oregon, you must select the right type of storage unit that can keep your items protected from the elements. Climate controlled self storage is essential for certain household goods.

Why Climate Controlled?

Oregon experiences a full range of seasonal weather patterns throughout the year. The changing local temperatures and air moisture content can contribute to the advanced degradation of items such as furniture and documents. If your self storage in Beaverton leaves these goods exposed to the elements, they could develop water spots, lose their original shapes or even play host to potentially severe health hazards, like mold colonies.

Climate controlled self storage in Beaverton, Oregon with Northwest Self Storage can mitigate these problems by maintaining constant temperatures and air quality conditions. By controlling the environment around clothing, furniture, documents and consumer electronics, it’s possible to reduce their susceptibility to deterioration. These facilities also make it less likely that destructive insects will infest your items.

Storing Vulnerable Possessions Properly

The way you store your items can help them retain their pristine condition. For instance, documents and clothing are often stored inside sealed plastic in addition to hard-walled cartons and boxes. Although your choice of self storage in Beaverton may reduce the need for this form of protection, it’s wise to take every precaution.

Climate control is also more effective when you’re careful about the things you store. For instance, placing silica gel desiccant packs inside your storage unit and draining machine fluids may reduce the moisture generated by the items themselves and prevent the development of odors. Before storing wood, plastic or metal items, you should acclimatize them to the storage unit temperatures to prevent warping. With the proper precautions, climate controlled self storage in Oregon is one of the best ways to keep your goods in mint condition.

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Eugene, Oregon is a Cyclist’s Dream

If you consider yourself a hardcore biking enthusiast, then Eugene, Oregon is your Heaven on Earth. The Cascades & Coast region offers some of the most breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, lakes, mountains, and forests. In addition to pedaling through natural and insanely beautiful geographies, you’ll get the opportunity to swing through charming towns that are full of life by taking one of many ravishing road routes.

Bike Trails to Try for an Unforgettable Experience

There are thousands of miles of trails in Eugene that are dedicated to cycling. Unfortunately, you won’t have the time to try them all during a single visit. Here are some of the most exciting trails to take if it’s your first time there.

> Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway

This 132-mile bikeway is one of the most popular in the area. You’ll experience stunning views of agricultural scenery and historic towns while riding riverside and maneuvering various back roads and dedicated trails. At the end of the trek is the Armitage County Park, which offers cozy housing and other nice accommodations.

> McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway

If you adore wildlife, this trail was made for you. The 6.9-mile path gives you some of the most advantageous views of birds and other magnificent creatures in Oregon. You’ll begin your journey at Meadowlark Prairie Trailhead and head deep into the West Eugene Wetlands for more animal action.

Keeping Your Bike Safe and Secure During Wintertime

As warm weather begins to fade, cycling becomes less enjoyable and feasible. Winter in Eugene, Oregon can bring sub-zero temperatures and heavy precipitation, making outdoor biking virtually impossible. When it comes time to put your bike away for storage, here’s what you should do:

> Keep the tires fully inflated to avoid weakening the spot on the rubber that comes into contact with the ground.

> Clean the entire bike with a wet towel so that dirt and mud doesn’t cake onto it. Focus on the parts that affect function including the chain, wheels, and brake pads.

> Place the bike in a safe location such as self storage in Eugene, Oregon. Northwest Self Storage has 5 locations in which are sturdy, safe, convenient, and very affordable. Happy trails!

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Prepare for your storage unit before the weather gets you!

Prepare for your storage unit before the weather gets you!

Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being cold, wet, and generally miserable. Unless your belongings are sheltered appropriately, this nasty weather can destroy your treasured property. Storage also ensures that seasonal items will not clutter your home. Here are some tips to prepare for winter self storage:

Invest in Appropriate Containers
Cardboard boxes are cheap and easy to find, but cardboard deteriorates quickly. Durable plastic containers are more likely to repel moisture and pests, and these containers will last longer than cardboard boxes. Additionally, these containers stack easily, so you can optimize your storage space.

Clean Everything
If you plan to store something for the whole season, make sure that it is clean first. When you are ready to retrieve your items, you probably don’t want to open a box of dusty, dirty things. Filth can only accumulate over time. A proper cleaning before storing can ensure that your items are clean and ready to use when you recover them.

Avoid the Garage
The garage might seem like a convenient storage option, but most garages are not equipped to protect sensitive materials from the elements. Many garages are poorly insulated, so temperatures can fluctuate. Additionally, moisture control can be an issue in garages, and sensitive property can be damaged by high humidity, mold, and mildew.

Self Storage in the Pacific Northwest
For a simple solution to your winter self storage needs, consider finding space in a reliable storage facility. For self storage in Washington and Oregon, Northwest Self Storage offers a wide variety of storage options to meet your individual needs. We are currently running promotions at many of our locations, so check out our specials to save even more on storage!